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Sat Jul 27 14:19:29 BST 2013


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From: John Pope

Dear All, ****

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Please be advised that CFPAS LTD have a fishing match the Essex Summer
Series which will be taking place on the Cam on Sunday 28th  July 2013 from
Penny Ferry Section to Bates Bite Lock 8.30am till 5pm, this event is on
the events calendar circulated at the start of the season.****

** **

We would appreciate your co-operation in advising all boats that we will be
fishing between 8.30am and 5pm.****

** **

Unfortunately at our last club match on the 21st  July there were a number
of boats who maintained that they had not been informed of the match and we
are trying to avoid a repeat of this.****

** **

Many Thanks for your help.****

** **

Mr John Pope****

Junior Event Co-Ordinator****


Level Two Coach & PAA Member****


Dr Holly Hedgeland
Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs
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