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Holly Hedgeland holly at cucbc.org
Tue Jan 15 19:07:23 GMT 2013

Dear all,

As you will be aware, for the first time in a few years, high boat
numbers forced us to introduce the two-boat rule at the end of last
term. For the previous couple of years we have been able to avoid
restriction in Michaelmas and have used the ten-minute rule in Lent.
The current rules read:

"That from the date on which restrictions are introduced until further
notice, at the discretion of the CUCBC Executive Committee, either
a. Each Club will only be permitted to have two boats on the river at
any one time in the restricted period, or
b. Only first eights may boat within the first 10 minutes after
Lighting Down. All other crews may boat 10 minutes after Lighting

There has been a request to consider scaling the available slots in a
way that reflects the size of the club rather than two boats for all,
which would reduce the impact on larger clubs. Whilst there are
practical difficulties associated with this, I have produced a
spreadsheet to help inform the discussion on Sunday which is attached.
It shows the number of early mornings each club would receive per week
if we scaled with the number of crews from that club that competed in
the Fairbairns. I'm aware that this year is seeing a post-Olympic
bulge in uptake across the region, so I chose the Fairbairns numbers
rather than the Mays as a more up-to-date representation of the clubs'
size. Please be assured that at this stage the document is just
food-for-thought to aid discussion on Sunday.

With best wishes,

Dr Holly Hedgeland
Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs
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