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Mon Feb 25 08:23:26 GMT 2013

Dear all

Apologies for the delay in posting results, there were a few things that
needed following up first.

Crews below are listed by how they appear in the start order. Times will
not be published for qualifying crews. The order is based on position in
last year's races and then random ballot for any remaining crews.

The following men's crews have a place in M4 division:

   - Christ's III
   - Emmanuel III
   - Homerton II
   - Hughes Hall II
   - Queens' IV
   - Corpus Christi II
   - Selwyn III
   - Emmanuel IV
   - Darwin II
   - Churchill III
   - Magdalene III
   - Clare III
   - First and Third IV
   - St Catharine's III
   - Churchill IV

The following women's crews have a place in W3 division:

   - Sidney Sussex II
   - Murray Edwards II
   - St Catharine's II
   - Emmanuel III
   - Chruchill II
   - Homerton II
   - Murray Edwards III
   - King's II
   - Darwin II
   - Queens' II
   - Fitzwilliam II

The times for non-qualifying crews can be found at

Many thanks to all competing crews today and hope no one got too cold
during the delays.

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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