[CUCBC Captains] Recruitment- Female Rowers & Cox Needed

St Edmund's Women stedmunds.women at cucbc.org
Tue Apr 23 16:29:53 BST 2013

Dear Captains,

As mentioned in today's meeting, we are still short on umpires for this
week's races.

Since the umpires I have have mostly neglected to tell me which college
they are from, I'm going to rely on you and your members good will and
community spirit to decide who should be volunteered to help out, based on
your entries to the regatta.

The races *will not be run* unless we can achieve a minimum of 6 umpires
per day, currently that number stands closer to 4. (This corresponds to two
start, two finish and two cycling umpires patrolling the course, ideally we
would have one extra so that the person actually calling "Go" can stand
equidistant from both boats).

Umpires are meeting at 11.45 at St. Catz boat house tomorrow - though I
would prefer that people email me to tell me they are coming rather than
just turning up (there's no point having 12 umpires at once).

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