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Wed Jan 25 14:12:51 GMT 2012

Hi All,

This message is intended for anyone involved with the IT side of running
your boat club.

Over the last few months I've created a couple of simple tools for GCBC,
we've found really useful so I've released them as open source and I'm very
happy for other to copy and adapt them. The source code is online at
https://github.com/CalumJEadie/gcbc-tools along with documentation and

Here's an excerpt from the readme which covers the functionality provided.

GCBC Tools

Collection of simple tools to support Girton College Boat Club (GCBC).

Developed in PHP using the [CodeIgniter](http://codeigniter.com/) framework.


Calum J. Eadie (https://github.com/CalumJEadie)


* Itemised Bill Emailer
    * From a CSV file of names, email addresses and itemised costs
generates and emails a per member itemised bill.
    * Outputs HTML and Text emails, email client decides which to display.
* Tracker
    * Originally written for GCBC's 2012km erg fundraiser in January 2012.
    * Tracks distance and time for teams and participants.
    * Outputs legs completed by teams and participants.
    * Basic HTTP API.
    * Embeddable progress tracker.
    * Export of legs to CSV.


This copy of the CodeIgniter framework is licensed under the old style
CodeIgniter license. See `documentation/CodeIgniter/license.txt`. This
applies to `www/system`.

The remainder of this application is licensed under the MIT License.
See `LICENSE.markdown`.

Drop me an email if you have any questions at all! Can offer more involved
technical support, consulting on deploying the tools or development of
particular features for a reasonable fee.

Warm regards,

Calum J. Eadie || it.officer at girtoncollegeboatclub.com
IT Officer || GCBC 2011-2012
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