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The sharp-eyed of you will of course have worked out that I in fact mean
Tuesday results and “technical rowovers” not “overbumps”
 It has been a long



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Thanks from all the umpires for a good first day’s racing! Lent Bumps 2012
got off to a good start, with only a few fairly minor incidents.


Results from today’s racing are now available at www.cucbc.org/lents/results


Notes from the Umpires

·         The start order for each day’s racing is available on the website.
If you require a printed copy, they will be available from the control desk.

·         Know where your finish is and remember that Bumps is a stern
finish! You must get your stern across the line before you are safe from
being bumped!

·         Toilets are available at Baitsbite Lock so you do not need to go
by the towpath in full view of the public!

·         Marshals for the first slot of the day should report to the
control desk at 13:00. Please do not be late as marshals are essential for
the smooth running of the races!

·         Excuse the slightly odd overbump result in the Men’s 4th division.
Pembroke III and Sidney Sussex II were awarded technical overbumps due to
obstruction, allowing Christ’s III to overbump Emmanuel III.



·         Fines can be appealed by e-mailing Chris Balmer, CUCBC Senior
Treasurer (seniortreasurer at cucbc.org) within 48 hours of this e-mail being

·         Anglia Ruskin W2 – Excessive bank party - £50

·         Churchill M1 – Failure to dress appropriately for row home – new

·         Clare Hall M1 – Failure to easy - £20

·         Clare Hall W1 – Failure to clear - £30

·         Downing W1 – Excessive bank party - £50

·         Emmanuel M2 – Excessive bank party - £50

·         Emmanuel M3 – Celebration before being overbumped – the Umpires
felt being overbumped was punishment enough

·         Emmanuel W1 – Excessive bank party - £50

·         Magdalene M2 – No lifejacket - £50

·         Queens’ M4 – Rower ejecting on the way to the start – public

·         Queens’ M4 – Removing the bows on the way to the start – unable to
race (though at least the ejected crew member can go and get dry!)

·         Sidney Sussex M2 – Dangerous coxing - £40

·         St. Catharine’s W1 – Failure to hold it up on bumping - £20

·         Trinity Hall W1 – Dangerous coxing - £20

·         Wolfson W1 – Failure to concede a bump - £30



Dan Wilkins

CUCBC Honorary Secretary


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