[CUCBC Captains] Common Sense (concerning both Seniors and Novices)

Mat Bryan coxing at cucbc.org
Thu Nov 3 09:26:07 GMT 2011

Dear All,

This e-mail comes in two parts applicable to different sets of people,
though each would be well served to read the other's.

For seniors, pushing off at lighting up does not mean you are the first
crew on the water. University crews, town clubs, and small boats thereof
are very often out before you. You must obey navigational rules for your
entire outing, not just when you start encountering others. You do not know
what is around the next corner or if they're aware of you. There have been
two separate mentions of this by users of the river so far.

For novices (particularly coxes); be patient and plan ahead. If a corner or
maneuver is going wrong then stop the boat immediately and correct, rather
than letting it happen and fixing it after the fact. Other crews will thank
you for not blocking both sides of the river, and in the long run your own
will thank you too (e.g. for not being involved in the multi boat, multi
direction pileup under Chesterton footbridge this morning).

The river is getting steadily busier, and this is by far and away the worst
time as people learn the ropes. Be patient, be courteous, and plan your
outings away from early mornings if possible.


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