[CUCBC Captains] Dev squad 2011

Anne Hempel cuwbc at cucbc.org
Thu Mar 24 10:27:50 GMT 2011

Dear Captains, 


This email is to inform you and your clubs about both the CUBC Development
Squad as well as a couple of other opportunities for your club that we here
at CUBC are hoping to provide this year.  We believe that it is important
that we assist the colleges in developing their mens rowing programs.  It is
no coincidence that when there is a strong mens college system, the CUBC
squad is also strong.  We are willing to help individuals and colleges in
the coming Easter Term where possible .  


We will once again be running the CUBC Development Squad for those students
that have shown potential in their college programme and who are interested
in competing for the university in the summer regattas (Met, Marlo and
Henley) .  I would encourage you all to pass this information onto the
rowers in your club who may be interested in being involved in the CUBC
programme over summer and trialling in the 2011/2012 Boat Race Campaign.  I
have attached a document outlining how the Development Squad will be run.
Can you please pass this on to your club coaches (as they will be able to
help identify future Goldie and Blue Boat rowers in your crews) as well as
those individuals you think would be keen.  The CUBC Summer Development
Squad will run alongside the CUBC Henley crews and will have access to all
the CUBC facilities and coaches.  I have also attached a registration form
for those interested.


This year Steve Trapmore (CUBC Chief Coach) and I are looking at opening up
the CUBC Goldie facilities to College Mens 1st Boats for erging/indoor tank
sessions).  It is intended that we will make four 30-60 minute blocks per
week where college 1st Mens Crews can book in to use the ergomoters and
rowing tank.  It is intended that these sessions will be supervised by Steve
and myself so that your mens 1st boat receives coaching and or advice from
one or both of us.  We are still discussing how this will work, but it is
intended it will be on a booking system that would require the college
captains to book in to secure a slot.  We are discussing ligisticas of how
this will work, so will send through more detailed information on this at a
later date.


We will also try and offer on Cam coaching to college mens 1st boats over
the summer term.  


If you, your club or any individuals are interested in any of the above
points, please contact me via email.  I will try to respond ASAP, but this
may be after the Boat Race on 26th March.




Mark Beer

Assistant Coach 

Cambridge University Boat Club


The Goldie Boathouse

Kimberley Road




m:(0)77 8090 2114

t:(0) 1223 467304

e: mark at cubc.org.uk


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