[CUCBC Captains] Trailering to Hammersmith Head

Finlay Carson caius.men at cucbc.org
Tue Mar 8 12:41:06 GMT 2011

Dear all,

Please may you forward the below reminder to your clubs about the
Bumps Programmes.

Many thanks, and good luck in the final days of the Lents,



Don't forget to pick up your Bumps programmes, which are still on sale
for just £3!
For those that don't know they are the definitive guide to the Lents,
containing division times, starting orders, complete crew lists for
all boats, as well as many other interesting articles and pieces form
the Presidents and Chairs.

If you're planning on watching over the course of the week they are
essential, or if you're rowing in them they are a perfect memento for
the occasion.

Pick one up now from most college porter's lodges, JET Photography or
the Control Desk on the river (just next to the P and E).


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