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Tue Jun 7 21:53:23 BST 2011

Hi all


The May Bumps Getting-On Race 2011 will take place on Friday 10th June.


The River will be closed to non-competing crews downstream of Chesterton
from 16:15 until racing is over at approximately 18:30. Men's and women's
hours will be combined on this day.


The GoR will take the form of a timed head race from the Little Bridge to
the finishing post 78 yards downstream of the Railway Bridge. Please ensure
the information below is circulated to competing crews within your club.


Men's Crews

The men's crews will race at 16:30 and must be marshalled at Baitsbite by
16:15. The following crews are entered in the men's division and will race
for 10 places in Division 6:


1              Clare Hall II

2              Corpus Christi III

3              Hughes Hall III

4              Wolfson III

5              Churchill IV

6              Clare IV

7              Emmanuel IV

8              King's IV

9              Magdalene IV

10           Robinson IV

11           Selwyn IV

12           Sidney Sussex IV

13           Caius V

14           Clare V

15           Downing V

16           Emmanuel V

17           Queens' V

18           Sidney Sussex V

19           Clare VI

20           Jesus VI


Women's Crews


The women's crews will race at 17:30 and must be marshalled at the Penny
Ferry by 17:00. The following crews are entered in the women's division and
will race for 10 places in Division 4:


1              Hughes Hall II

2              King's II

3              Peterhouse II

4              Caius III

5              Christ's III

6              Clare III

7              Downing III

8              Girton III

9              Lady Margaret III

10           Murray Edwards III

11           Queens' III

12           Selwyn III

13           St. Catharine's III

14           Trinity Hall III

15           Clare IV

16           Emmanuel IV

17           Jesus IV

18           Lady Margaret IV

19           Pembroke IV

20           Pembroke V


If, for whatever reason, these division times cause a problem, please
contact the CUCBC Committee ASAP.


All the best for the last week of training before the Bumps!





Dan Wilkins

CUCBC Honorary Secretary


E-mail: dan at cucbc.org



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