[CUCBC Captains] May Bumps Getting-On Race

Dan Wilkins dan at cucbc.org
Fri Jun 3 18:33:59 BST 2011

Dear all,

We've received several complaints within the last 24 hours (more than for 
the rest of term). This is a quick email to encourage everyone to get 
through the final two weeks with a minimum of problems, so please:

- take lights if coming back close to lighting up, or even earlier if day is 
- don't cut up the Georgina as they are amicable and have a long stopping 
- remember that while over the lock is clearer, it isn't empty and charging 
into things because you don't think there'll be anything there is a massive 

The swan and cygnets are now out on Plough Reach. Please be aware and avoid 
them if possible. Do not respond to situations with the residents there 
which have the potential to become very hostile. Please make every effort to 
remain calm and *quiet* and just row away, avoiding touching the swans.

Finally, it's Strawberry Fair this weekend. Worth making the effort to lock 
boathouses when going out and please note that there are likely to be 
visiting boats that are very unfamiliar with the Cam.



Dr Holly Hedgeland
CUCBC Senior Treasurer
Robinson College
Cambridge, CB3 9AN

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