[CUCBC Captains] CULRC's sponsor offering summer travelling discount

Chris Bellamy president at culrc.org
Fri Jul 1 12:50:25 BST 2011

Dear Captains,

I thought I would let you know about an offer CULRC's sponsor  
Powertraveller has set up for us, and I was wondering if you might  
forward this opportunity onto your clubs, particularly if people are  
off traveling for the summer.

Powertraveller are offering 10% discount on all products bought off  
their website, simply quote the discount code "CULRC" at the checkout.

They make portable solar and battery chargers for phones, laptops,  
iPods etc. and are absolutely perfect for anybody going off traveling  
this summer, and from my personal experience they are superb bits of  

Just visit http://powertraveller.com/welcomes/culrc to find out more  
about what they make and to get the discount.



Chris Bellamy - CULRC President
President at culrc.org | +44 7708340857
www.culrc.org | twitter.com/culrc

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