[CUCBC Captains] Head of the Cam - 30 April - deadline next week

Head of the Cam @ Chesterton RC headofthecam at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 19:23:03 BST 2011

>From Mark Beer, CUBC:

> CUBC 2011 - Summer Development Squad and Open 2km Test at Goldie Boat 
> House
> This is a reminder that expressions of interest to join the CUBC summer
> Development Squad are still open for both rowers and coxswains.
> Any student that is considering trialling for either of the CUBC crews 
> that
> will race in the 2012 Boat Race are encouraged to sign up and attend the
> opening day 2km ergo test.
> The Development Squad is intended to introduce those future CUCB trailists
> to the set up at Goldie Boathouse and Ely Boathouse.  It will provide 
> access
> to CUBC training facilities, equipment and coaching over the summer term.
> Students who take part will have the opportunity to experience firsthand
> what training with the CUBC consists of, develop their physiology and
> oarsmenship over the term.
> We are aware that there are a lot of demands on individuals in the final
> academic term and as such hope to deliver an enjoyable and exciting 
> program
> that will help individuals move on in their rowing ability and at the same
> time achieve their academic goals and continue their involvement with
> college May Bump crews (if they so wish).
> The CUBC Chief Coach and I would also like to open the 2km test to any
> talented oarsmen out there who would like to attend and see where they are
> at physiologically.  There is no commitment required; however we would 
> like
> to see any really talented athletes (novice or senior) that would like to 
> do
> a 2km test at Goldie Boat House on the 27 April sign up.  It's an
> opportunity to see the facilities, meet the coaches and complete a 2km 
> test.
> If you would like to be part of the dev squad or just attend the 2km CUBC
> test on the 27th, please email Mark Beer (mark at cubc.org.uk).
> Once we have finalised numbers for the Dev Squad and CUBC 2km Ergo test, 
> we
> will be in contact with those clubs that have expressed an interest in
> receiving coaching from the CUBC coaches to lock in training and coaching
> times.  If you have not contacted us but would like to receive coaching on
> the ergos at Goldie Boat House or coaching on the Cam for your mens 1st 
> crew
> from one of the CUBC coaches, please contact Mark Beer on the email 
> address
> above.
> We look forward to working with athletes and colleges over the coming 
> term.
> If you have any queries please do not hesitate to email or call.
> Regards,
> Mark Beer
> Assistant Coach
> Cambridge University Boat Club
> The Goldie Boathouse
> Kimberley Road
> Cambridge
> CB4 1HJ
> m:(0)77 8090 2114
> t:(0) 1223 467304
> e: mark at cubc.org.uk 

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