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Cambridge University College Boat Clubs (only)

Chairman CUCBC

Henley Boat Races
Oxford v Cambridge
Sunday 27th March 2011


As was mentioned by CUWBC President, Lizzie Polgreen, at the recent
Captains' Meeting, some of you may recall that the Henley Boat Race
Organisers last year decided, for the first time, to hold two informal
College races at the Henley Boat Races - one for Men and one for Women.

These two races were rowed over a different distance to the formal Boat
Races and ended just upstream of Remenham Farm - a distance of about 1350
metres. Deliberately, no times were taken and no Medals were awarded.

The Organisers' intention was to increase public and college interest in the
Henley Boat Races.

The Organisers have decided to repeat the event for two College races on
Sunday 27th March 2011  (the day that Summer time begins) on the same basis
as last year. One for Men and one for Women.

Full Term ends on Friday 18th March and, as we discovered last year, not
every college crew is available beyond Full Term nor would necessarily wish
to participate in this event.

Last year, the time scale in which they asked us to organise this was very
tight and therefore less than ideal. So we invited crews in the Lents First
Division, starting with the Head Crews and working down the First Division
Final Order until we found a crew that would accept the challenge

(For Head Crew, FaT M1, this was possible as they were rowing in the HOR at
Putney the day before. Not ideal for them, but they took up the challenge
and won, beating Balliol).

For the Women, it was late in the day and many crews had already disbanded
as they had already done their WEHORR race, but eventually we got down to
Queens, who fortuitously had their cox, Kate Richards, coxing the Women's
Lightweight Blue Boat in the Boat Races, so their W1 were coming to support
her and unexpectedly ended up with a race on their hands, which they also
won, beating Worcester).

Selecting crews from the Lents in this way does not necessarily produce the
fastest crew, but it may be a practical solution in the circumstances, but
we want you to decide this, please.

Question for you to vote on:

1    Do we continue to select an M1 and W1 crew in this way?   Yes / No.

2    If "No", please suggest what realistic method you would prefer (and we
will consider - hopefully nothing too elaborate. The Organisers have asked
for a prompt response so your cooperation would be much appreciated).

Voting deadline: Midnight Tuesday 2nd November.

Please VOTE using my personal Gmail address (per this email) - so just hit
the REPLY button.....
and please STATE your Boat Club.

(NOTE: This is only open to Cambridge College Boat Clubs for the special
purpose of the Oxford v Cambridge Boat Races event).

Thank you for your assistance.

Richard Hamersley
Chairman CUCBC

Saturday 30th October 2010
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