[CUCBC Captains] Novice Crews and Overtaking

Dan Wilkins dan at cucbc.org
Sat Oct 30 18:09:44 BST 2010

Dear all,

Firstly, I would like to thank the few people who have offered their help in 
running the Uni Fours next week. However, the operative word in that sentence 
is 'few' as currently I have only heard from enough people to run races on 
Wednesday and Friday, and even on those days I only have the bare minimum 
(four including myself) which will mean longer times between races and a 
greater potential for delays if anything goes wrong.

If I do not get more volunteers, I will cancel all events apart from the men's 
coxless fours and women's first coxed fours, and move all the women's coxed 
fours races to Wednesday (possibly with the final on Friday). If you don't want 
this to happen, offer to umpire - it's that simple. 

If you have already contacted me to offer your help and haven't heard back from 
me, e-mail me again as your first e-mail has sunk into the fetid morass of my 

Chris Kerr
St Catharine's College
CULRC Hon: Sec: 2008-11

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