[CUCBC Captains] Captains' Meeting

Dan Wilkins dan at cucbc.org
Mon Oct 11 00:54:45 BST 2010

Dear all,

A reminder of the new vacancies on the CUCBC committee! We're really keen to 
encourage applicants and get more people involved in CUCBC and running 
bumps. Captains, please do forward this to your clubs. Thanks!

As a new initiative this academic year we are seeking to co-opt two Events 
Secretaries and a (Junior) Treasurer to the Executive Committee. The roles 
represent an opportunity to get involved in the running of CUCBC and the 
organisation of our events: a reasonable level of commitment will be 
required but gaining experience in the organisation of events with 2000 
participants is good cv-worthy stuff!

Detailed descriptions of the roles are given below, and we are looking for 
students with a background in rowing on the Cam, with other relevant 
organisational experience also welcome. The vacancies are compatible with 
rowing this year and competing in Fairbairns/Lents/Mays.

If you are interested in either post, please send a brief resume of relevant 
experience to seniortreasurer at cucbc.org by the end of Tuesday 5th 
October. Selected applicants will be invited to the start of term Executive 
meeting and presented to the first Captains' Meeting of term (Tuesday 12th 
October) for approval.

With best wishes,


Dr Holly Hedgeland
CUCBC Senior Treasurer
Robinson College
Cambridge, CB3 9AN


Job description: (Junior) Treasurer
  a.. Present previous year's consolidated account to Michaelmas Term
Captains' Meeting
  b.. Prepare termly bills for distribution at start of term Captains'
  c.. Confirm bills have been paid prior to major event entry deadlines and
chase late payers
  d.. Prepare budget and race entry fees annually for agreement with Senior
  e.. Prepare annual accounts and present to Senior Treasurer
  f.. Sit on the Executive Committee and attend its meetings
  g.. Attend Captains' Meetings
  h.. Conduct the day to day banking of cash and cheques and payment of
  i.. Assist the other Executive Committee members in the routine business


Job description: Events Secretaries (two persons)
  a.. Collect race entry fees (for the 4 sets of CUCBC races) and
acknowledge receipt on online system. Chase late payers.
  b.. Book equipment/personnel for the Lents and Mays
  c.. Liase with bumps programme producers and chase clubs' contributions
  d.. Arrange for programme distribution to porters' lodges and other
outlets and for the collection of programme revenue and transfer to
Treasurer for banking
  e.. Arrange meetings with Conservancy and Riverboat Georgina for main
  f.. Arrange for presentation and upkeep of University Medals and trophies
  g.. Facilitate distribution of umpiring kit to college events and upkeep
of kit in good order
  h.. Sit on the Executive Committee and attend its meetings
  i.. Attend Captains' Meetings
  j.. Assist the other Executive Committee members in the routine business
Other student Executive Committee members (except the (Junior) Treasurer)
will each retain an involvement with a particular event, and will work
together with the Event Secretaries on that event.

Note: There is no assumption that the postholder(s) would also perform
specific umpiring duties and hence this post is intended to be compatible
with racing in CUCBC events.

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