[CUCBC Captains] transport to poplar

S.H. Purvis shp33 at cam.ac.uk
Tue May 11 15:40:50 BST 2010

Dear all,

A reminder for programme entries. The following clubs had made no entry by 
early yesterday evening:

- Addies (Men and Women)
- Anglia (Men and Women)
- Caius (Men)
- Clare (Men)
- Corpus (Men and Women)
- Emma (Women)
- Fitz (Men and Women)
- Homerton (Men and Women)
- Hughes (Men)
- Jesus (Women)
- King's (Women)
- Queens' (Women)
- Robinson (Men)
- Selwyn (Men and Women)
- Sidney Sussex (Women)
- St. Catz (Women)
- St. Eds (Men and Women)
- 1st & 3rd (Men and Women)
- Vet School (Men and Women)
- Wolfson (Men)

 Please do get the details entered in as today is the deadline.

Many thanks,


Dr Holly Hedgeland
CUCBC Senior Treasurer
Robinson College
Cambridge, CB3 9AN 

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