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Dear all

I am sorry that this has taken so long, but it has taken a frustratingly long time to obtain both a formal request to CUCBC, and a set of 'ground rules', from HBROC, without which it has not been possible to resolve this. This was finally received this Tuesday, and the latter is attached. 

We have taken the view that this is a significant new and very visible event, and has to be organised in such a way that it is credible and does not potentially reflect badly on either the clubs that take part, or the Henley event and the two University clubs themselves. Thus, we do not consider, and have stated this very clearly to HBROC, that sufficient consideration had been given this year on an appropriate timescale or mechanism as to how the participating clubs would be nominated/selected. In particular, we do not consider that, at this late stage (or even after the last Captains meeting), it would be satisfactory to decide this by some 'ad hoc' sparring between crews somewhere on the river. If this event is to become regular, or in future to expand in any way, it has to include a proper selection mechanism and, if this is to include any form of race, then this has to be properly organised (if not, there are serious legal and insurance implications
 in the event of any problem arising), agreed in advance with the local river authority, and properly advertised, organised, and open to all who wish to be considered within the bounds set by HBROC for eligibility. This is not something that can be done at the drop of a hat.

These conditions cannot be met this year. Therefore we have approached the two Head crews from the Lents, who have confirmed both their eligibility under the HBROC guidelines for the event, and that they are prepared to compete. I would also note that, in terms of precedent, there are many for extending invitations for participation in external events to Oxbridge College Head crews, and progressing down the Bumps finishing order in sequence should the first invitees be unavailable. Therefore, and in consultation with HBROC, we have nominated these two crews. If this event continues into future years, CUCBC and its constituent Clubs will need to agree a formal mechanism for identifying future nominations.

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