[CUCBC Captains] Change to Marshalling for M3

Dan Wilkins dan at cucbc.org
Tue Feb 23 21:15:49 GMT 2010

Please read the following message carefully as it contains important information about the Lent Bumps next week.

Full information about the Lent Bumps is available on the website at http://www.cucbc.org/lents


The division times are available at http://www.cucbc.org/lents/times - DO NOT BE LATE.

The first division of the day (M4 or W3 on Friday) marshals 10 minutes before the start on their station at the start.

W3 and M3 (W2 on Thursday) marshal 40 minutes before the start at the Railings (Meadow side of the Long Reach).

All others marshal 40 minutes before the start at Chesterton.

If you have an equipment failure at the start, it may be possible to delay the start - please speak to the umpires. There will be no delay after the 1 minute gun, except in an emergency,


There must be no more than 4 cyclists with each crew. This includes the boatman, senior treasurer and any VIPs. Crews will be heavily penalised for excessive bank parties.

All cyclists must carry a bank pass appropriate for the division - there are required to cycle beyond the Railway Bridge - these were distributed at this evening's Captains' meeting.

If you have any VIPs such as College masters accompanying crews, they may collect a VIP pass valid for the day from the Control Desk at Peter's Posts.


As soon as you bump, you must HOLD IT UP straight away. If you get bumped, keep rowing. 

Clear the river straight away and get pulled in to the bank ASAP. Do not celebrate before clearing the river.


Any disputes should be reported to the control desk at Peter's Posts within 15 minutes of the division.

Disputes and contentious situations will be referred to the Chief Umpire or Deputies, whose decisions are final. Abusive or aggressive behaviour towards the umpires will not be tolerated.

Above all, Bumps is fun - keep it sporting!!

The chief umpire is Pete Convey and his deputies are John Durack, Chris Balmer, Holly Hedgeland and Dan Wilkins.


Please take your litter with you - do not leave water bottles etc. on First Post Reach.

There will be toilets at Baitsbite and Stourbridge Common (Chesterton marshalling area). Please don't relieve yourselves in public as in the past members of the public have complained. If we receive complaints, we will have no choice but to fine clubs.


The weather forecast for next week is cold and wet. As such, crews should ensure they have adequate kit to wear while marshalling and waiting before/after racing.

All boats must have a bow ball and correctly fitted heel restraints. Coxes must wear lifejackets. Without these, crews will not be allowed to race.

All the best to competing crews and I hope you all have an enjoyable week.

See you at the river...


Dan Wilkins (Jesus College)
CUCBC Web Team
dan at cucbc.org

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