[CUCBC Captains] Lent Bumps: Last Few Umpires Wanted

Dan Wilkins dan at cucbc.org
Sat Feb 20 23:21:45 GMT 2010

Dear Captains,

Bumps programs have been delivered to the following colleges' porters'
Caius, Christ's, Churchill, Clare, Corpus, Downing, Emma, Fitz, Girton,
Jesus, King's, Magdalene, Murray Edwards, Newnham, Robinson, Selwyn, Sidney,
St. Catz, Trinity, Trinity Hall, Wolfson, Homerton.

Tomorrow, I will finish delivering the rest of the programs to:
Darwin, Pembroke, Peterhouse, and Queens tomorrow afternoon.

I tried to deliver the bumps programs to the porters lodge at St. John's
(which they had previously agreed to take by e-mail), and the porter refused
to take them!  I have no idea why, he just seemed to be quite rude about
it.  On the other hand, the Trinity, Trinity Hall, and Caius porters were
all exceptionally kind and helpful.  Can the John's captain contact me to
arrange a time to pick up the bumps programs and give them to the porter's
lodge at John's?

There will also be programs available at the control desk during bumps, and
at the plough.

Bumps programs are 2.50 each, and should be on sale at all of the above
porters lodges.

** I have delivered 2 posters advertising the availability of the bumps
programs to each porters lodge.  So can the captains of each club (or other
suitable representative) please go to your porter's lodge and pick up the
posters (as some porters seemed particularly keen to get rid of them) and
post them somewhere people will be able to see (close to the porters lodge
preferably). **

Good luck in bumps!

Kind regards,
Derek O'Brien
CUWBC Secretary
CUCBC Secretary
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