[CUCBC Captains] Exceptionals

Julian Granger-Bevan julian at cucbc.org
Thu Apr 29 15:48:04 BST 2010

Dear Captains,

Some feedback below on what thoughts were about exceptionals. 10
colleges responded. Thanks to all who replied.

Just to reiterate that all of these cases are situations where the
committee has to give permission anyway, so there is no one size fits
all remedy, but we'll take the following into account when drawing the
line. Also, that emergency situations, such as illness or injury close
to bumps are different, and we'll generally be a bit more lenient for
these - a couple of you queried that.



CUCBC Webteam


1) Would you support an explicit limit of one cox per club (men's and
womens' clubs separately) from a different college?
- In the past, more have been allowed, but we feel that this would be
a more accurate implementation of the rule as it currently stands.

Answers were roughly 50/50.

2) Would you support an explicit statement that students from other
colleges must not displace a home rower / cox by doing so?

Majority said yes.

3) Occasional previous cases have allowed coxes from other colleges to
be allocated to a higher (not lowest) crew, usually relating to
safety. Do you support this?

Answers were roughly 50/50 with a number of additional comments,
mainly emphasising that it really should only be safety rather than
wanting a better cox in the upper boats

4) Would you support an explicit statement that exceptionals of any
type are not permitted to compete in a club's representative (first)
crew, unless the club only has one crew?
- The rule which we work off for this is Rule 1c of the regulations for racing.

Majority said yes.

5) Would you support an explicit limit to the number of student rowers
from other colleges allowed in a club's lowest crew? If so, how many?

Majority said yes, and basically that a crew needs to maintain a
majority with the college it claims to represents - i.e. max 3 from
other colleges.

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