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PETER CONVEY peter.convey at btinternet.com
Wed Apr 21 19:42:26 BST 2010

Dear Captains,

As promised at the captains meeting, here is the initial information
about entries for May Bumps.

Almost all information about May Bumps is available on the website,
including logistics (such as times) and rules (in the handbook).
Please make sure that you do look there as your first port of call,
but if you cannot find any information or want clarification, please
do contact me - my email address is julian at cucbc.org.


There are three things you need to do:

1) Submit an entry on the CUCBC website:
    - Login with your captains account (http://www.cucbc.org/user/login)
    - Go to http://www.cucbc.org/bumps/enter and follow instructions

2) Submit details for the bumps programme:
    - Go to http://www.thebumps.co.uk/crewlists and follow instructions

3) Pay for it all:
    - £36/crew payable to "Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs"
    - Send cheques to Dr. Holly Hedgeland, at Robinson College.


- Entries close at 23:45 on Thursday 13th May.
- You then have until the following day (Friday 14th May) to have
settled your entry fees and bills.

- Do not leave entries until the last minute.


- Exceptional competitors are those who need permission of the
committee to compete - such as fellows, employees of your college etc.
There are also some who need to be declared (such as those with dual
college membership).
- This is now all handled online as part of the entry. It should be
self-explanatory once you do it.
- Please ensure that you provide any additional information in the box
provided so that we do not have to contact you further.
- If you declare exceptionals, you can assume that they have been
approved unless you are contacted to the contrary (make sure you check
your CUCBC email address).


- You do not have to declare changes to your entry before the first
day, as long as the crew is still eligible. Just change it online.
- If changes are required after the first race (GoR or Wednesday as
appropriate), specific permission is required. Please email the
committee for this.
- Again, please provide full information at the outset so that we can
approve more quickly.


- Based upon last year's Mays entries, competition in the GoR would
have been more equally competitive if the split M6 / W5 division had
been a full M6 division, however, entry numbers change from year to
- Hence, this is warning that the usual M6 / W5 split division may
change this year (according to the number of entries) to become a full
M6 or full W5 division, or may not be run. This will be announced once
entries have closed.


- GoR: Friday 4th June, probably in the afternoon.
- Pre bumps meetings (captains, umpires, coxes): Sunday 6th June,
afternoon / evening.
  (Note that the coxes meetings are compulsory).
- Bumps: 9th to 12th June.



CUCBC Webteam

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