[CUCBC Captains] Agenda for today's Captains' Meeting, 5pm Goldie Boathouse

Chris Kerr culrc at cucbc.org
Mon Apr 19 00:57:45 BST 2010

The race timetables for the Small Boats Regatta (except for the Men's 
Fairbairn Junior Sculls and the Women's Magdalene Silver Pairs) are now 
available online at:

The draw for the Men's Fairbairn Junior sculls will be re-done since the 
withdrawal of a competitor means there are now eight entries rather than nine 
- crews should marshal for the quarter-finals at 10:30 am, Wednesday 21st of 
April, at the Railway Bridge. The semifinals and finals will follow 
immediately after.

There was only one entrant for the Women's Magdalene Silver Pairs and so the 
final will be a row-over, marshalling at the Railway Bridge at 11:25 am, 
Tuesday 20th April.

Christopher Kerr
St Catharine's College
CULRC Hon: Sec: 2008-10

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