[CUCBC Captains] Umpires/Marshals for Uni Fours, and Agenda for Captains' Meeting

Derek O'Brien cuwbc at cucbc.org
Tue Nov 3 09:44:13 GMT 2009

TO ALL CAPTAINS, Members and Coaches. including Lower Boat Captains:

Monday 2nd November 2009

Our Chairman, Pete Convey, has received the quoted email below (and it is
the second from Mr Eva):


*Sent:* Monday, 2 November, 2009 8:50:35
*Subject:* Inconsiderate Cycling by Boat Club Coaches

Dear Dr Convey,

You will recall that I wrote to you on 15th October 2009 regarding the
problems being caused by boat club coaches as they cycle along the pavement
between the Elizabeth Way Bridge and Stourbridge Common.  At that time I
wrote, "You must surely be aware that pedestrians and joggers having to
suddenly jump into the road to avoid a collision with a boat club coach
could potentially lead to a very dangerous incident.  This is particularly
the case at this time of year when lighting is dull and weather conditions
can inhibit clear vision.  Has this been taken into account when compiling a
risk assessment of college rowing?"

I am not sure what action - if any - you took as a result of my email, but I
regret to inform you that several weeks later there has been no noticeable
improvement and the action of college boat club coaches continues to present
both an inconvenience and potential danger to residents of the area.
I trust that on this occasion you will will see fit to take some action that
will stop the selfish and dangerous cycling by college boat club coaches.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony N Eva


We all appreciate that Coaches need to keep up with their crews,
particularly along that dangerous and narrow stretch of river leading from
Elizabeth Way Bridge to Stourbridge Common cattle grid, where visibility
into the river over the railings is not good due to moored craft along the

BUT we are simply adding to the list of people who are not so sympathetic to
rowing and all that goes with it on the towpath, if coaches cycle along the
railings *on the pavement (which is illegal) *and without due regard to
pedestrians in any event.

"Trade custom and practice over the years" is not a defense to a personal
injury claim for which damages can run to a "lump sum payment" of £5 million
these days (and "periodic payments" that can additionally run to £20 million
overall) for a young paraplegic with long life expectancy. Your insurers
will decline to cover you for illegal riding and you may be left with a
"bill for life" to pay. Absolutely not worth contemplating.

*Keep in the road*.

The Highway Code applies. Please observe it.

Coaches full of adrenalin - cool it. Fines and worse will follow.

*Captains*: Please forward this email to ALL your coaches, however senior
they may be. It only takes one....... We all want to keep rowing.

Thank you.

Richard Hamersley
Legal Officer CUCBC
Deputy Chairman

cc Pete Convey
Chairman CUCBC

Richard Hamersley MA (Cantab.)
19 Lovell Close
Wootton Manor
01491 414 294 tel/fax/ansafone
07870 5545 17
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