[CUCBC Captains] FW: X-Press BC Head Race on Monday 15th June 7.00 pm

Convey, Peter pcon at bas.ac.uk
Sun May 17 19:19:33 BST 2009

Dear Captains,

The committee have noticed that the restricted evening hours seem to
have been under-used this term, whilst mornings have been busy.  There
have often been only a handful of crews using each of the hours, which
is a waste for other crews that may wish to boat then but are
prevented by the current rules.  This email is a warning that changes
may have to be proposed for next year if good use is not made of these
hours. If you have any comments or suggestions then I or the committee
would be happy to hear them (although don't necessarily expect a
response, as we're all very busy at this point in time).

On a different point, I have received several emails querying rowing
this weekend.  Champs Head means the river is closed until 16.00 on
Sunday.  As this race is both heavily geared towards colleges and
finishes well before lighting up, there will be no change to the usual
rowing restrictions (as per the spirit of the proposal at the
Captains' Meeting).  The (unapproved) minutes of the last meeting were
slightly unclear on this point and have been amended to reflect this.



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