[CUCBC Captains] CUBC Hon Sec Elections and CUBC constitution - 1815, NOT 8.15pm!!

Karla Borland cubc at cucbc.org
Thu Jun 4 11:26:08 BST 2009

Dear all,

A few things to add to Ian's list:

4.  Please check and update the CUCBC website with your final crews.
You will be able to do this yourselves until this Thursday, so I ask
you to do this individually to save the committee lots of work.
Giving us full crew details helps to resolve queries about eligibility
as quickly and easily as possible.

5.  Please ensure that you are familiar with the rules regarding crew
changes (or rather, lack of them) during Bumps.  In particular, the
crews that qualify in the Getting-On Race must be the same crews that
take place in the Bumps: infringements risk fines and/or
disqualifications.  If in doubt, email the committee.

6.  The Pre-Bumps Captains' Meeting will take place on Sunday at
5.45pm at the Engineering Department (please arrive early).  We expect
at least one captain from each club to come (and preferably all) - if
you really cannot, please send me your apologies and you will need to
speak to another captain who is there to check what is said.

As we get closer to Bumps, any urgent queries/requests should be sent
to committee at cucbc.org so that at least one of us picks it up.



2009/6/1 Ian Thompson <seniortreasurer at cucbc.org>:
> Dear All,
> For those of you in the midst of exams, sorry to keep nagging, but there are
> three things that you need to remember this week:
> 1.  Deadline for submitting Ten Outing Forms is Wednesday
> 2.  Deadline for ensuring you get a full refund for crews you are scratching
> is also Wednesday
> 3.  Deadline for ordering Bumps Programmes for your College marquees on
> Bumps Saturday is Thursday.
> Please get back to me on 2 and 3 and send the ten outing form to Tom Davies.
> Bank Passes will be available at the Captains' Meeting on Sunday.  Please
> that someone collects these.
> Thanks,
> Ian
> --
> Ian Thompson
> Senior Treasurer, CUCBC
> King's College
> Cambridge CB2 1ST

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