[CUCBC Captains] CUBC Hon Sec Elections and CUBC constitutions

Karla Borland cubc at cucbc.org
Wed Jun 3 17:42:16 BST 2009

Dear Captains,

The marshals' rota for May Bumps is now available online at
http://www.cucbc.org/mays/marshals .  Please ensure you check
carefully to find all your slots.  (Club names should be listed
alphabetically in each slot.)  Times are the same Wednesday to Friday
and then two hours earlier on Saturday.

I've given clubs consecutive slots in lots of instances - you can
obviously send one person to cover both slots if you wish (the
overlapping times are simply to ensure we always have marshals in
place), or change over at times different to those stated, but you
need to inform the Control Desk in advance if you want to do either of

Marshals do perform important roles, especially on Friday and Saturday
when the towpath gets very busy, so please ensure they turn up as
requested - they should have at least a basic idea of how bumps work,
so please don't send people who don't have a clue about rowing!

All other Mays information, including a start order for the GoR on
Friday, is available at http://www.cucbc.org/mays .



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