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Thomas Walton cuwbc at cucbc.org
Mon Jun 1 23:25:13 BST 2009

Dear Coxes, Captains, Boatmen, Coaches,


Bumps is rapidly approaching which also heralds the time when Bung Starts
can happen outside the boathouses.


Bung starts are allowed only on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th June.


Firm pressure is allowed for bung starts, BUT ONLY the FIRST THREE TO FIVE
STROKES of the start are allowed.

The function of bung starts is to practice pushing off and lining up.  It is
absolutely NOT an opportunity to practice full starts, not least because of
the wash it creates for the narrowboats (often causing piles of plates,
glasses, anything breakable to fall.) and also the obvious problems of
having many crews in a constricted section of river moving at considerable


There are no restrictions on the part of the river downstream of Chesterton,
and clubs have been known to set up a chain and pole from their start
positions.  However, CUCBC will not provide these before the bumps start.

If you are practicing starts and extended pieces from your station, please
be aware of (and avoid)  obstructing other crews.






Mark Stringer,

CUCBC Coxing Representative

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