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Fri Feb 27 11:34:50 GMT 2009

Dear all

as per the message a couple of evenings ago, I need to remind all clubs that proper heel restraints in line with ARA requirements are required in all boats. This is something that club safety officers have to sign off as being correct for all your boats in their return to our Safety Adviser at the beginning of each year, and is specified at the appropriate point in our rules. Failure to do so results in a club being barred from having outings at the start of the year until resolved. This is an equivalent safety requirement in terms of ARA regulations as are bowballs and lifejackets, and this was demonstrated only last week in an accident below Bait's Bite.

Given that all club 'returns' were completed by safety officers, it is therefore disappointing to say the least that a spot check of a range of crews yesterday afternoon revealed that no less than 80% of crews checked had at least some of the heel restraints in unacceptable condition, with some crews having none. In an ARA event all of these crews could have been barred from racing. 

Therefore, we will continue with spot checks today. I would advise all clubs to check all their boats in this respect urgently. It should not take long to identify and solve any problems then identified.

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