[CUCBC Captains] Twickenham Regatta – Saturday 23rd May

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Wed Apr 22 06:39:20 BST 2009

Dear Coxes & Captains,


The Georgina is likely to be out a fair amount this term and given her size
and weight, her manoeuvrability is very poor.  Please make sure that you are
familiar with the air signals which are given below.  Note that the
movements are indicating what she will do, so if you are heading towards her
in the opposite direction, then the direction you will see will be


One blast: I am altering my course to STARBOARD (RIGHT)

Two blasts: I am altering my course to PORT (LEFT)

Three blasts: My engines are going ASTERN (BACKWARDS), NB. the vessel may
still be moving forwards due to momentum until reverse propulsion takes

Four blasts followed by one blast: I am turning around with my bow swinging

Four blasts followed by two blasts: I am turning around with my bow swinging

Five blasts: Your intentions are not clear 

A blast means a short blast on the ship's whistle of about 1 second

Georgina or any other vessel rounding an obscured bend, say at Ditton Bends,
may sound a prolonged blast (4-6 seconds) to indicate her presence.


If you are at all uncertain, please get in touch as soon as possible.





Mark Stringer

CUCBC Coxing Rep.

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