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Thomas Walton cuwbc at cucbc.org
Mon Apr 20 15:25:48 BST 2009

Dear All,

At the end of term I'll be handing in my Hon Sec shoes (Hunter wellies) and
by then we need to have a new Hon Sec in place for the CUBC. Any member of a
college Mens boat club is eligible (you don't have to be male), although you
must be in statu pupillare.

As with the other Hon Sec jobs, there are two parts - CUCBC and CUBC.

CUCBC activities involve the day to day running of college rowing in
Cambridge and organising the major CUCBC events (Bumps, Uni 4s, SBR).
CUBC activities are at the discretion of the President, but you won't be
short of things to do. You should be available for as much of the week
leading up to the boat race 2010 as possible.  I was very involved with the
squad this year so there's a long list of jobs for next year and the
expectation that the next Hon Sec will be very much involved again.

If anyone would like some more information, or to run for the position,
please drop me an email over the next couple of days. The date of the
election is not yet decided - it may be combined with the Presidential
election, but will depend on the number of people running for President and
on the number of people running for Hon Sec.

I absolutely love the role and if it wasn't for increasing academic
commitments would definitely be running again.  Being involved with CUBC was
a huge privilege and I've gained much more from it than I've given in time
and energy.


CUBC Honorary Secretary
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