[CUCBC Captains] Early Morning Marshals

Dan Wilkins dan at cucbc.org
Sat Sep 20 12:40:57 BST 2008

Dear all

please be aware of the attached. If any such incidents are experienced call 999 immediately.

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Sent: 15 September 2008 14:53
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Subject: RE: Stone throwing incident, Sunday 24th Sep 2008

I'm very sorry to hear that fellow rowers have been hassled yet again.

At our CRA meeting with the police, my understanding was this:
We need to keep reporting ALL incidents to the police, no matter how small they are. This way, the police will have reason to patrol the area regularly and have tighter control over potential incidents.

Could I please remind club reps/captains the utmost importance of encouraging their club members to report every single occurrance to the police? This does not appear to be inconveniencing them by any means as it seems to be the job of the community officers to show presence.

The contact number is: Ecops.Eastchesterton at cambs.pnn.police.uk<mailto:Ecops.Eastchesterton at cambs.pnn.police.uk>
Also, please copy your message to: rowpath at yahoo.co.uk<mailto:rowpath at yahoo.co.uk>


Naz Yeni

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> Subject: Re: Stone throwing incident, Sunday 24th Sep 2008
> Yesterday afternoon I was cycling along side a Cantabs ladies double and
> scull while coaching them there were four louts throwing stones at them and
> another crew which included a City of Cambridge quad.
> This happened at around 4.45pm and as I was approaching the Green Dragon
> Bridge on the Stourbridge side of the river cycling upstream.
> I approached the louts to warn them of the dangers of stone throwing and
> the consequences etc to be told to F*** off or I would be thrown in the
> river at which time one of them tried to remove the megaphone from my
> basket at which point I decided to cycle back to the boathouse with my crew
> and so report it to the police as unfortunately I did not have my mobile
> with me to call 999.
> ( Incident number 453 for the date of 14th Sep )
> I was then called an hour later by the police to say that they were sorry
> but did not get to the scene but was I still there waiting for them to
> arrive .
> No, strangely enough I wasn't.
> I would hope that one day in the future the Police may actually catch these
> Thugs and deal with them appropriately.
> Paul Knights (Boatman)
> QCBC Cambridge
> C/O 19 Trafalgar Road
> Cambridge
> CB4 1EU
> +44 1223 740633
> +447753 685524
> +447736 285273

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