[CUCBC Captains] Fw: Cambridge rowers/boats in the Head of the Charles this year?

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Dear all

message below may be useful if anyone is planning on going to the Head of the Charles.


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Dear Peter,
Rowing with Paul Knight's last night, he suggested I forward this to you as the best way to alert any college crew planning to row in the Head of the Charles this year that the folks in Cambridge in America would be happy to circulate their alumni and so encourage support.
Grateful any help you can give them with this.
Many thanks
Chris Hesketh
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Hi Chris. 
Iain Reid, the development director at Fitzwilliam College , tells me that he will be at the Head of the Charles this year (as a spectator, I believe), which reminds me to ask you if you know of any Cambridge representation there. 
It’s nice to be able to alert the Boston area alumni in advance about any participants whom they can cheer on. 
I hope this finds you well.  I won’t be coming over for Alumni Weekend this year (we’ll have a robust contingent there, all the same) but I hope to be over about a month later, to catch some of the new “Festival of Ideas” events. 
Best regards, 
Ed S.  
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