[CUCBC Captains] Fishing matches - river closures on

Thomas Walton cuwbc at cucbc.org
Fri Oct 31 21:03:07 GMT 2008

Dear Captains,

I have had a reasonable number of offers of help with umpiring Uni IVs so
thank you for forwarding my messages.  However, I will require a few more
marshals from clubs that have provided no/few umpires compared to boats
entered.  The following clubs should provide marshals, meeting at the time
specified at the Railway Bridge.
  Monday 1.40-3.45 Emmanuel  Monday
1.40-3.00 Clare  Tuesday 1.40-3.45 LMBC
1.40-3.00 Christ's, Trinity Hall
 Wednesday 1.45-4.05 Christ's  Thursday 1.40-3.45 Caius  Friday 1.45-3.45
LMBC  Friday
1.45-2.40 Trinity Hall
Please send competent marshals (i.e. not novices) as they may have
responsibility for watching races and reporting on any incidents.  They will
need a bike and a mobile phone.  We will hopefully finish racing ahead of
schedule on some of the days but this can't be guaranteed!


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