[CUCBC Captains] University Fours - day 4 results

Thomas Walton cuwbc at cucbc.org
Thu Nov 6 19:51:22 GMT 2008

Dear all,

I have been disappointed to receive several complaints from members of
the public about crews' and coaches' behaviour over the last week or
so.  Please note the below points and try your hardest not to cause

Firstly, crews should avoid contact with moored barges as much as is
possible.  They are NOT an extension of the bank, and it is almost
always possible to avoid touching them at all.  If you absolutely have
to push off them, push off very gently with blades touching the black
section just *above* the waterline.  By pushing off you are likely to
scratch and damage the moored boat.  Be particularly careful along
Jesus Green, Midsummer Common and Riverside, as this is where the
majority of incidents occur.  Novice coxes should stop if in danger of

Secondly, be civil to members of the public, particularly those living
on boats.  If you unfortunately do have to push off a moored boat and
the owner speaks to you or your coach, apologise and do not, under any
circumstances, be rude to them - I have had reports of this.  Abusive
behaviour carries a £25 minimum fine under our rules and your college
Senior Tutors will, I am sure, be thoroughly unimpressed with any such

Thirdly, coaches must be sensible when cycling, keeping eyes on both
the road and the river.  You are reminded that cycling on pavements is
an offence - along Riverside you should cycle on the road.  Please
also be considerate on paths, and try to avoid getting in the way of
joggers and other members of the public.

We must try to promote a positive view of the rowing community and
everyone has a part to play in this.  Please pass on this message to
all coaches.

CUCBC Secretary

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