[CUCBC Captains] Free weights equipment

Rob Baker rob at cubc.org.uk
Tue May 27 14:46:06 BST 2008

Are any crews interested in doing some sparring with Churchill M1 over 
the next couple of weeks?


Ian Thompson wrote:
> Further to Laura's message yesterday, please make sure that ALL your 
> men's and women's crews have been entered for Mays.  There are a number 
> of lower boats still missing that have permanent places.  Please note that:
> Permission to enter crews on the CREWS system will be withdrawn once the 
> 23:59 deadline has passed tonight, although you will still be able to 
> edit your crew lists.
> Bumps entries will not be confirmed until payment of both your Club's 
> Lent Term Bill and Mays entry fees have been received by me at King's.  
> The deadline for this is Wednesday.  Remember that UMS can take up to 
> three days.  If in doubt, deliver the cheque by hand to King's P'Lodge.
> Make sure that all crews have been entered for the programme, via the 
> link on the CUCBC web page.  This must be done by the end of today as well.
> Cheers,
> Ian
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> Ian Thompson
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> King's College
> Cambridge CB2 1ST
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