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Laura Sutcliffe cubc at cucbc.org
Wed Mar 12 20:27:31 GMT 2008

Ok some people still seem to have problems. I also forgot to attach another 
file, which explains that the knock-out system will be run slightly 
differently with the semi-final and final being at 3:20 Laura

Cardinals Regatte Draw Division 1: 10am 1. Emma 3
               Catz 1
2.	1st &3rd 1
               Selwyn 1
3.	Selwyn 2
4.	Quanter matter

Division 2:  11:20 am
1.	Ist and 3rd 2
               Clare Hall
2.	Homerton
               Selwyn 3
3.	Churchill
               St. Edmunds
4.	Darwin
               Downing 1

Devision 3:  12:40am
1.	1st &3rd 3
              Emma 2
2.	Selwyn 4
3.	Trinity Hall
              Downing 2
4.	Robinson 1

Division 4: 2pm
1.	Clare
               Selwyn 5
2.	Selwyn 6 
3.	Jesus
4.	Emma 1 (by in first round, but marshalling at 1:30)

IV Division: 2pm
1st & 3rd

Cardinals Regatta 2008 Times
1st Division:  10am
2nd Division: 11:20 am
3rd Division:  12:40am
4th Division: 2pm
IV: 2pm

Please Marshal 30 min before your race at the railway bridge. The 
semi-final and final will take place at 3:20pm (marshalling 30min before)

If there are any problems with the draw please let me know

This year your races will be shortly after each other, meaning that if you 
get through you will spin pull in at the railway bridge and then wait until 
the last race in your division has finished and then row down again to the 
start. I hope this helps people with the availability of there crews. AND 

On Mar 10 2008, Laura Bierer wrote:

>There seems to have been a problem with opening the draw in exel. Hence I 
>attach the draw as a word document. Laura
>On Mar 10 2008, Laura Bierer wrote:
>>Could you please make sure that this gets forwarded to your crews and the 
>>appropriate people
>>Dear all,
>>I hope you are all getting excited about Cardinals.
>> The weather forecast isnt the best so please make sure that your crews 
>> are dresses appropriately and make sure they have some warm cloth with 
>> them while they are marshalling.
>>Hope you have some good ideas. I am already excited about seeing you all 
>>and choosing the crew with the best fancy dress to win a prize.
>> Cardinals is about BRIBES, so lots of chocolate
 I am sure you can think 
>> about something. But remember everyone will bribe us, so make sure your 
>> bribe is special. It should maybe also be mentioned that it actually is 
>> my 21st on Thursday, so I am hoping to have an enjoyable day. Basically 
>> make me laugh and bribe me (I love fruit).
>> In case the races have to be cancelled due to bad weather please make 
>> sure you have your phones switched on and check your emails just before 
>> you leave. (I have phone numbers of the people who actually entered the 
>> boat, so could you please send me an email with the phone number and the 
>> email of one person in the boat itself.)
>>Make sure you have a look at the rules.
>>ENJOY and see you all on thursday
>>Any questions? Contact me under lcb43
>>Laura Bierer
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