Ian Thompson seniortreasurer at cucbc.org
Sat Jun 14 08:10:39 BST 2008

Thanks to everyone for today.


1.  Remember that all Divisions start TWO HOURS earlier tomorrow so be on

2.  There are no rerows on the last day of Bumps, unless a whole Division,
or large part of it, is being rerowed.

3.  DO NOT use Foul and Abusive Language.  You are reminded that Bumps can
be disallowed, or cancelled (even after an event is over) , and crews/clubs
disqualified from future competitions in extreme cases.

4.  Please tell all your bank party members and supporters to put their
rubbish in the bins provided or take it home.  Crews should ensure that
water bottles are not left at the start.

5.  When a crew is bumped, they should row on and clear, if it is safe to do
so.  Stopping dead in the middle of the river is not safe, and could result
in a serious accident.

FRIDAY'S FINES  ( as called in by Umpires.  All appeals to me at this e-mail
address.  They will be processed next week.)

Caius M1  Excessive Bank Party (First Offence)  £15
Clare W2  Abusive Bank Party £20
Clare W2  Ignoring Marshal's Instructions  £20
Downing M1  Foul and Abusive Language  after Bump  £30
First & Third W2  Failure to Clear £30
First & Third M3  Dropped Bung  £15
Girton M4  Obstructing Official  £20
Girton M2  Dropped Bung £15
Girton M2  Late Acknowledgement  £20
Homerton W2  Excessive Bank Party (First Offence) £15
Hughes Hall M1  Failure to Easy £20
Hughes Hall M1  Dangerous Coxing £20
LMBC M5 Dropped Bung £15
LMBC M5  Late Acknowledgement  £25
LMBC M4  Dropped Bung £15
Magdalene W2  No Lifejacket £50
Robinson M2 Failure to Clear  £20
Sidney M3  Failure to Clear  £20
Trinity Hall M2  Failure to Easy  £20
Trinity Hall M2  Dangerous Coxing  £20


Clare Hall M2  Subbing in an incompetent rower after bumping.
Magdalene M3  Late Acknowledgement


Will Thorne   £5000 for breaking a second bike

Claire Hansell  £10,000 for forgetting to put sugar in the shortcake base

Laura Sutcliffe  £100,000 for losing her phone in the pocket of her jeans.

Ian Thompson
Senior Treasurer, CUCBC
King's College
Cambridge CB2 1ST
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