[CUCBC Captains] Friday Results and Saturday Start Order

Will Richards wjr25 at cam.ac.uk
Fri Jun 13 22:48:34 BST 2008

After racing, crews should row straight home clear of the course. Once
you have finished racing and pushed off again, there is no need to stop
for a second time (or wait around) on the Long Reach.

Bank parties carrying megaphones may not use them for coaching - they
may be used for safety purposes only,

When rowing home, please keep to the right side of the river as there
may be traffic moving in the opposite direction.

When practising starts, please count down only from 10 seconds - there
is no need for longer countdowns as this holds up the rest of the

An Emma hoodie and CCAT gilet were found and can be picked up from the
control desk tomorrow.

Caius M2: Excessive bank party - £15
CCAT W2: Failure to easy on bumping - £20
Christ's M2: Excessive bank party - £15
Clare M3: Excessive bank party - £15
Darwin M1: Dropped bung - £15
Darwin M1: Failure to clear - £20
Darwin M2: Excessive bank party - £15
Downing M3: Failure to clear - £20
Downing: Boatman in wheelie bin - £1000
Girton W3: No lifejacket - £50
LMBC W2: Dropped bung - £15
Magdalene W3: Excessive bank party - £15
Queens' M3: Ignoring marshal and being abusive towards marshal - £30
Selwyn M1: Dropped bung - £15
Sidney Sussex M2: Ignoring marshal - £25
St. Catharine's M3: Dropped bung - £15
Wolfson M1: Late clearing - £20

Downing M2: Foul and abusive language
Jesus M3: Poor taste in headwear.
Trinity Hall M2: Slow practice start.

Dan Wilkins (Jesus College)
CUCBC Web Team 2007-9
dan at cucbc.org :: 07817 657717

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