[CUCBC Captains] Further info on coin throwing episodes

Laura Sutcliffe cubc at cucbc.org
Thu Jun 12 22:24:10 BST 2008

Dear All,

Notes and fines from today. Please note that appeals should be addressed to
Ian Thompson in the first instance.

CCAT: No Marshal, 1st Offence - £15
Christ's W1: Dropped Bung - £15
Christ's W2: Excessive Bank Party, 1st Offence - £15
Churchill W2: Failure to Clear - £20
Churchill: No Marshal, 1st Offence - £15
Clare W2: Failure to Easy/Clear - £25
Clare Hall W2: Dropped Bung - £15
Corpus W1: Dangerous Coxing - £20
Darwin M2: Foul and Abusive Language - £25
Downing W1: Excessive Bank Party, 1st Offence - £15
First and Third: No Marshal, 1st Office - £15
Jesus M2: Foul and Abusive Language - £25
Jesus M3: Dangerous Coxing - £25
LMBC M5: Celebrating Before Clearing - £20
LMBC: No Marshal, 1st Offence - £15
Magdalene W1: Failure to Easy - £50
Newnham: No Marshal, 1st Offence - £15
Selwyn M1: Ignored Marshals/Umpires' Instructions - £20
St. Catharine's M1: Foul and Abusive Language - £20
St. Edmund's W1: Dropped Bung - £15
Trinity Hall M2: Dropped Bung - £15

Jesus M3: Late easying after bumping.
Caius M4: Slow clearing.
FaT M5: Slow clearing.

Before grassy, a bump from an overlap AND bumps from standard contact/rowing
past all apply. After grassy, just standard contact/rowing past bumps apply.

Crews rowing over should paddle clear of the finish to allow other crews to
cross the line safely.

CUBC Honorary Secretary
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