[CUCBC Captains] The bumps entry deadline is tomorrow

Ian Thompson seniortreasurer at cucbc.org
Thu Jan 31 17:12:49 GMT 2008

As of an hour ago, the following crews with permanent places had not been

FaT - all Crews (M & W)
Jesus - men's crews
Emma - men's crews
Fitz men's crews
Robinson - all crews
Girton - women's crews
St Catharine's - all crews
Wolfson - all crews
Churchill - men's lower boats
CCAT - all crews
King's - women's crews
Queens' - women's lower boats

In addition, a large number of Colleges have not entered crews on the Bumps
web page (see CUCBC web site for details) - THIS MUST BE DONE BY THE END OF

Please note that no entry can be confirmed until Michaelmas bills have been
paid and entry fees received.  The deadline for these is tomorrow as well.


Ian Thompson
Senior Treasurer, CUCBC
King's College
Cambridge CB2 1ST
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