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Ian Thompson seniortreasurer at cucbc.org
Thu Jan 31 12:06:07 GMT 2008

Dear All,

I was on roving marshal duty yesterday (Tuesday morning) and was pretty
appalled at the selfishness and silliness I saw. The whole point of our
policies and rules is to try to ensure that what time we all get on the
water is as productive as possible - especially in the early mornings - and
that the Cam is a safe place to row.  Neither of these will be the case if
people consistently ignore the very basic rules of the river - most of which
are common sense!  SO please make sure that your crews, all your coxes AND
all your coaches are reminded yet again that:


Only continuous rowing all VIII unless unsafe to do so or practising a
standing start.

Standing starts are only permissible when they will not obstruct other

No stopping except at Ditton to spin.

Spin near post at bottom of Reach.

Do not spin elsewhere on the Reach because you can't be bothered to wait
your turn and row up to the spinning point.

Doing so cause a tale back of traffic all the way into the Plough, blocks
the crossing point and then presents potential danger to other crews and

If you are doing a piece moving upstream and see a queue at Ditton corner DO
NOT row through it and overtake on the bend.  Join it and wait - it will
undoubtedly have been caused by carnage ahead and you will just add to it by
ploughing into it

Once you have spun, at Ditton or in the Lock, move off quickly and, if you
are going to have coaching chat, pull right into the bank (which means
parked with blades in) and, if doing technical exercises in the Lock, stay
as close to the bank as possible and make sure you are not blocking other
crews who want to row on.

Remember always that crews rowing upstream (ie BACK to the boathouses) have
the right of way over crews rowind downstream (ie towards the Lock) -
especially at the crossing points.

Most of this is concisely spelt out in the Code of Practice for Coaches
(Appendix I in the Handbook) which should have gone to all coaches yet,
yesterday, I saw everyone of the above being ignored and Sidney, Queens',
Newnham, Magdalene, Girton, Pembroke, Downing, Robinson, Darwin and St
Edmund's should consider themselves very lucky that fines are not being
imposed this time.

All clubs should note that we are very serious indeed about bringing an end
to these bad habits.  The wondering marshals will be imposing fines for all
breaches from now, and persitent offenders may incur training and/or race
bans - including disqualification from Lents.


Ian Thompson
Senior Treasurer, CUCBC
King's College
Cambridge CB2 1ST
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