[CUCBC Captains] Lents 2008 - Friday Results

Dan Wilkins dan at cucbc.org
Fri Feb 29 19:14:58 GMT 2008

Dear all,

Nice weather...mostly smooth bumping...but some carnage on the failing to
clear!  It just needs some *quick* thinking of what is the best course of
action...*some* action is almost always better than *no* action.  Notes and
Fines detailed below...please email any appeals to both Ian Thompson and
myself within 48 hours of this email.


Did anyone see a large barrow (the kind kept at Colleges for carting around
luggage) being wheeled away from the Gunshed yesterday?  If so, please email
Ian and myself asap!

Please ensure coxes know a) what finish they are going to and b) where their
finish is!  The number of coxes I've seen hurtling past their finish despite
umpires and bank parties telling them to wind down and not hit the slow
crews ahead is astonishing.


Caius W2 - Failure to easy: £20
CCAT M1 - Late acknowledgement: £20
Downing W1 - Failure to clear: £30
Emmanuel - No marshal (second offence): £30
FaT M2 - Excessive bankparty: £15
Fitzwilliam - No marshal: £15
Jesus M1 - Excessive bankparty: £15
King's M1 - Failure to clear and celebration: £40
Magdalene M3 - Foul language: £20
Pembroke M3 - Dangerous coxing: £25
Robinson M1 - Dropped bung: £15
Sidney Sussex - No marshal (second offence): £30


Dave White
CUCBC Coxing Rep
coxing at cucbc.org
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