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Dave White coxing at cucbc.org
Wed Feb 27 10:09:26 GMT 2008

Dear all,

Firstly, well done on a mostly good performance on the first day of Bumps,
especially taking into account the wind.  However, there was some avoidable
carnage, and some of that was *very* avoidable by simply having some common
sense and thinking ahead.  Notes and Fines detailed below...if you have a
complaint then please email Ian Thompson and myself.  Special care should be
taken such that when you have cleared or more importantly if you have
crashed on the outside of the racing line, then you are unlikely to get back
out and racing before causing carnage.  Coxes - look around and see what is
happening.  In most cases (i.e. unless the chasing crew is at least a three
or four stations back) it is far safer to accept the bump and stay where you


CCAT M1 and Homerton M1 will be rerowing tomorrow...possibly after M4 or
possibly after M1.  They will be marshalling at the Motorway Bridge on the
meadow side i.e. well out of the way of the racing line!  Please be aware
that they are there and do not hit them...

The Penny Ferry is under new management and a long term contract.  They
would like it to be made aware that they will be very welcoming
rowers/coxes/etc into the pub and that Malaysian cuisine will be on sale
until 4pm every day.  Whether this is standard practice for them or whether
they are doing this especially for Bumps I don't yet know...


Caius W2 - Excessive bank party: £15
Christ's M2 - Failure to clear (early celebration): £20
Downing M2 - Failure to clear - £25
Emma W2 - Failure to hold it up: £20
LMBC M4 - Failure to stop: £50
St. Edmund's M1 - Dropped Bung: £15
Sidney M1 - Failure to easy at the finish, rowing straight into a stationary
boat: £30
Trinity Hall W3 - Failure to clear: £20
Wolfson M2 - Dangerous obstruction: £50
Newnham W2 - Bringing Jelly Babies for umpire: £1,000 for confusing Bumps
with Cardinals'

Dave White
CUCBC Coxing Rep
coxing at cucbc.org
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