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Ian Thompson seniortreasurer at cucbc.org
Tue Feb 26 08:53:45 GMT 2008

I've had a rush of e-mails about substitutions for next week.  Just a
reminder that, if you find you have to sub someone into one of your crews at
this stage then, provided he she is a bona fide student, doesn't break the
rules re colours, blues and triall caps, you can go ahead.  Any
substitutions involving you using 'exceptional' (fellows, staff etc. and
anyone who might be inelligible because he or she is a colour, blue or trial
cap need to be cleared with CUCBC before the first race on Tuesday.

Any substitutions you are planning now that will happen during the week need
to be requested, with an explanation as to why the sub is necessary and,
likewise, if you have issues that develop during the week that result in you
needing to sub someone into a crew, you must get permission before putting
them in the boat.  Someone from CUCBC should be able to check e-mails to
committee at cucbc.org up until around 12.15/30 each day (but only until about
9am on Saturday).  If you don't get an answer, get someone to check in at
control before the race in which you want the sub to row.

Lastly, we'll say more about this tomorrow, but the forecast for Tues and
Wed is currently that it will be dry - but quite windy.  On the assumption
that conditions are going to be rowable, please make sure that you have bank
parties cycling down with your crews - especially the lower boats.  Cross
winds gusting across Baits BIte and around Little Bridge can quickly blow a
crew that is faffing about across the river - and lower boats arriving for
their first set of bumps usually faff a lot!  In case of high winds in the
Reach, we might have to marshal everyone at Chesterton rather than using the
Reach for the second and third divisions to race each day - but we'll keep
you up to speed with what is happening via e-mail if changes have to be

See you tomorrow - and good luck to everyone for the week ahead.


Ian Thompson
Senior Treasurer, CUCBC
King's College
Cambridge CB2 1ST
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