[CUCBC Captains] Extra Space to Bedford available

Churchill Captain churchill.captain at cucbc.org
Fri Feb 8 14:14:33 GMT 2008

Dear all,

Attached is (hopefully!) the final revision of the draw for tomorrow, 
with all scratched crews removed. I have been uncertain whether all 
clubs have been receiving emails through the CUCBC lists successfully, 
so this email is also addressed to the contact details given on each 
application form. I apologise for those who have not received previous 
emails because of this but hope this message will now get through to 
everyone. Please check through and be sure you are planning to be at 
Chesterton for your assigned marshalling times.

*Racing numbers* should be collected from the LMBC boathouse, and will 
be available there *from 12.30pm* tomorrow. Please remember to check bow 
balls, heel restraints and that your cox is wearing a suitable life 
jacket. These will be checked by marshals with any crew not complying 
disqualified from the race.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is clear and bright, with the fairly 
brisk wind continuing, so remember your shades! Please make sure you all 
have sufficient clothing to stay warm whilst marshalling, and be aware 
of drift due to the wind when manoeuvrings your crews. Please limit bank 
parties to no more than 5 cyclists per crew, out of courtesy to our 
fellow towpath users.

Any questions please let me know. Otherwise I look forward to seeing you 
all on the river tomorrow for a smooth and safe Robinson Head 2008!


Rob Cook
Robinson College

+44 (0) 7748 766 828

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