[CUCBC Captains] Trailer space needed for Trent Head

Sebastian Muller darwin.men at cucbc.org
Sun Feb 3 16:45:01 GMT 2008

Hey everyone,

I am having trouble finding trailering to Bedford next weekend, as I imagine
are some of you. No college seems to have space on a trailer and having
emailed all of the town clubs as well neither do they. I was wondering if
those of us who haven't found trailering yet should get together and try and
find a trailer and driver for ourselves. So if you fancy giving this a go
could you email me back (cej31) and we'll see if we can manage something.

Thanks guys, I don't really fancy walking two boats to Bedford!


Kitty Jackson
SCBC Captain 07-08
F9 Selwyn College
07732 930 910
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