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Laura Sutcliffe cubc at cucbc.org
Mon Apr 21 23:21:05 BST 2008

Dear all
  we are bringing in two changes in practice this term, with the intention of these remaining in place long term, which you need to know about:
  1) Flag. With immediate effect, we will cease using a 'physical flag' at Goldie. Rather, the web page will illustrate the current flag status. With reference to early morning periods (mostly affecting the winter terms), we will institute a 'predictive flag', based on met office information. This means that a committee member will check conditions around 9pm each evening and, if necessary, alter the status to yellow or red. If this happens, the conditions will then be checked again 30 mins before boating time, when any further change will be posted. This change will remove the possible confusion between web and physical flag status, and will allow quicker changing of status during the day when required.
  Note that part of the assessment we make relates to the amount and experience of traffic. So, our working assumption is that, where a flag is used in the early morning period, flag status is then likely to be downgraded by about 0900, when the river becomes far less busy.
  Should the website fail, a message on flag status will be sent to the e-mail lists.
  Note that, as always, under green or yellow flag conditions the final responsibility for making a decision whether conditions are appropriate to boat remains with the crew concerned.
  2) Megaphones and cox boxes. With immediate effect, we are extending the 0730 curfew on the use of megaphones and excessive/loud use of coxboxes to include the entire river (ie not only above the railway bridge).
  This is in the light of the near loss of access to the river in the mornings over this issue last term, and follows discussion with the County and District Councils. Again, as always, I must emphasise that we have the choice of behaving sensibly or losing access to this period of the day.
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